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Welcome to the Stormwater Industry Association of Western Australia.

We are a non-profit State association for the Stormwater Industry.

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inflowperthdams-graphIt is now Spring and we are once again facing a year of far  below average run off.

Read what the Water Corporation has to say about this situation.

Now in the last week of winter, once again we are facing a year of far below average run off. With the driest July since records began, just over 10 billion litres has flowed into our dams this year, compared to an annual average of over 110 billion litres usually received by August over the past three decades.

Years of below average rainfall have left Perth's catchment areas drier and drier. When the rains do come, they are soaked up by the parched soil instead of flowing into our dams. This is a pattern we have seen over the past 10 years and it is clear that our climate is changing and we can no longer rely on our dams as a reliable water source.

To cope with this change and ensure sustainable services for our customers, we are focusing our efforts on climate independent water sources and working with the community to reduce water use.

This is why we have built our Perth and Southern seawater desalination plants, are conducting our groundwater replenishment trial, exploring opportunities to increase wastewater recycling and conducting a suite of water efficiency programs with communities across the state.

Each year, around 300 billion litres of water is needed to supply Perth. Even with stage one of the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant in full flow and our expansion program to draw more water from Perth's deep aquifers in place, low dam inflow means we still need to save 15 billion litres of water this summer. To help us, once again we will be asking everyone to save 60 litres of water each day, look out for more information in the coming weeks.

We know we can rely on the support of the WA community and businesses to treat each drop of water as precious. We will help you by continuing to invest in practical water saving programs and working closely with businesses to reduce water use.

Courtesy to Newwaterways